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The US Grand Masters Council was designed as a Headquarter for Grandmasters and Masters to exchange information and hone their Martial Arts skills and to get to know other Martial Arts leaders.

This Council is different from any other Martial Arts association, because our root existence is based on furthering the skills of each member.


Not just the Martial Arts skills but also the business and marketing skills to profitably operate a Martial Arts school or association.


In addition, all members are eligible for regularly scheduled promotion based on their individually designed Martial Arts system.


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Rick Rockburn
8th Dan Grandmaster Instructor


Let me preface my opinion by comparing standards and organization. As a police officer we have standards set forth by the state of Florida. organization is followed by compliance and training--to which the standards are recognized.

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Gurjot Singh
8th Dan Grandmaster

I am ranked by the American Tai Chi and Qigong Association, The World Martial Arts College and The U.S. Grand Masters Council. Since being assessed as an 8th Dan in Internal Boxing by the U.S. Grandmasters Council and granted the title .......

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Rob Norton
10th Dan Grandmaster

Since joining the US Grandmasters Council Shoto-Chi and myself have gained greater recognition. Joining the council has provided the platform to introduce Shoto-Chi to the United States.

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