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Rick Rockburn
8th Dan Grandmaster Instructor

Let me preface my opinion by comparing standards and organization. As a police officer we have standards set forth by the state of Florida. organization is followed by compliance and training--to which the standards are recognized. The United States Grand Master's Council has shown its integrity on its standards and selection of members that hold prestigious recognition and the Council has standards as to weed out or dispel anything less of the standards. I use these standards when I teach and promote students. The governing body of the council reflects this on any member. Everyone wants to know who your affiliated with and when you say the US Grandmasters Council--people listen.

Gurjot Singh
8th Dan Grandmaster

I am ranked by the American Tai Chi and Qigong Association, The World Martial Arts College and The U.S. Grand Masters Council.

Since being assessed as an 8th Dan in Internal Boxing by the U.S. Grandmasters Council and granted the title of Professor much has happened to improve my standing in the fitness community. I am a fitness professional for the YMCA of Greater Des Moines. I specialize in Yoga, Pugilism, Tai Chi Ch'uan, Cycling, Wellness Coaching, Personal Training and Boot Camp. Besides being a hard worker I got these job at the top pay scale, in part, because of recommendations from U.S. Grandmasters Council members.

My affiliation with the U.S. Grandmasters Council has also allowed me to have my literary work be more sought after by periodicals like Truwaza Martial Art Times and Kung Fu Online Magazine in Europe. The first thing the President of the Council, Dr. Ron Marek, did after I was assessed for membership was publish a review of my book on Amazon.com.

Having been affiliated with the U.S. Grandmasters Council has also helped me get accepted into a Doctoral program in Sports Psychology. Finally, my U.S. Grandmasters Council Membership is solely responsible for my work being recognized by the International Grand Master's Council for membership and induction to the U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame as a Golden Life Awardee. At the recent U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee conference (July 2013)  I met fellow members who all have unbelievable credentials and talent. I also met famous UFX fighters like Nick Quarry who is a U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame brother, and well recognized Internal Martial Artists like Masters Jerry Cook and Li Chin.

To have adepts like this learn of you and your work is incredibly rewarding. Most Martial Arts Instructors know competition but are not Competitive Champions. The best of the best normally are too busy practicing, honing skills, enhancing abilities teaching others and researching treatise. They are the ones training quietly and diligently to better themselves and others. They are the ones the famous never realize are great masters of the Martial Arts. The U.S. Grandmasters Council finds and recognizes these people and bring them into the light of the greater community of well-known Masters. You are greeted with respect and honored with public recognition because you are following the Martial Arts code: We forge our bodies, shape our attitudes, and sharpen our minds in the fires of our Will.

This is the way for us and if you are on this path, wish affiliation with a recognized and growing organization in the Martial Arts World then I believe the US Grandmasters Council is for you.

  • Professor G. Singh, Ph D, Ed S. M Ed.
  • Author, The Art of Western Tai Chi Chuan
  • U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame & Golden Life Award Recipient
  • Retired US Army Ranger
  • Angel's Gym Owner


Rob Norton
10th Dan Grandmaster

Shoto-Chi Martial Arts

Since joining the US Grandmasters Council Shoto-Chi and myself have gained greater recognition. Joining the council has provided the platform to introduce Shoto-Chi to the United States. Most of all the US Grandmasters Council have shown the up most level of respect for me as a founder of a unique art. Being awarded the Grand Master status is a huge accomplishment and I have Dr. Ron Marek and the council to thank for that. In addition I have obtained my Ph.D. in Martial Science and for being the founder of an art that specializes in conflict psychology, this is a welcomed credential. Anyone looking to propel themselves forward and gain the recognition they deserve should join this council. It is a council built on ethics and one that prides its self on supporting each other to reach our greatest potential -

Founder/Grand Master Rob Norton Ph.D.


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